E&H Cheerleading

Emory & Henry cheerleaders are more than just vocal supporters of E&H sports teams; they are visible ambassadors of the College and the E&H Athletics Program. E&H cheerleaders are among the most loyal E&H alumni whose involvement as students has extended well beyond the sidelines of the athletic field. They are strong students, leaders, public servants - and athletes.

Each year, E&H cheerleaders work to improve their tumbling talents as well as their skills at bringing crowd support to competitions and enthusiasm to the support of Emory & Henry. They dazzle fans with their abilities, their teamwork and their creativity, and they have been an integral part of team success.

2013 Emory & Henry Cheerleaders

Name Class
Azia Townes (Captain)
Paige Jennings Sr.
Katelyn Templeton Sr.
Stephanie Shepherd Jr.
Adrienne Sikes Jr.
Kerri McGrady Jr.
Alyssa Lambert So.
Nicole Maus So.
Lindsay Powers So.
Emily Pratt Fr.
Quinn Vaughn Fr.
Caroline Taylor Fr.
Emilee Young Fr.
Natalia Sutherland Fr.
Tori Herndon Fr.
Tamron James Fr.


Cheerleading Advisor: Christy McAllister